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Welcome to Double Tap

We would like to welcome you to Double Tap; we offer North East Kansas shooters lots of safe shooting fun. Our primary focus is to provide practical defensive training and practice to all of our members.

We offer NRA Certified Basic Training and Kansas Attorney General Approved Concealed Carry classes. In an effort to further provide quality training we have teamed up with Bill Regina at Specialist Research & Training Group. Bill provides very affordable Professional Training and will travel to our range here in North East Kansas. Bill offers classes in Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun and Hand to Hand defensive tactics.

We provide realistic defensive shooting pistol practice through IDPA matches. As the club grows we hope to expand into other aspects of Defensive Shooting but we will always be an IDPA club.

Everyone is welcome to shoot at our events, membership is not required to participate. If you decide to join we appreciate your support as annual membership fees help us pay for expenses and expand our targets and equipment. Seperate match fees will be charged at most events to help cover the range expense and the costs of targets and pasters used at that event. As supporting members you will get a break on these match fees.

Whether you join Double Tap or not please come out and enjoy some great shooting with us..........


Annual Single Membership is $25.00
Annual Family Membership is $35.00
Memberships Run from May 21st to May 21st
New memberships will be pro rated

With your membership you will receive:
  • Membership Card(s)
  • Vinyl Double Tap Window Sticker
  • Shooting Liability Insurance (even while at other events)
  • Discounted Entry Fees for Double Tap Matches
  • E- Newsletters

    Downloadable Membership Application & Waiver
    (Double Tap Membership Does Not Include IDPA Membership)


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    For any additional information Contact
    Lee Tebbutt at or by phone at 785.494.2457
    Ed Eller at or by phone at 785.608.6159


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